About us

Who are we

While the loss of a loved one is hard enough to take, the bereaved families also have to handle all the formalities and make difficult choices in a very short time. In an intimate and warm setting in Vieux-Carouge, the team welcomes families by offering an attentive, professional concierge service and benefit from proven experience in terms of organisation.


Accompany with sensitivity and professionalism so that the separation can be approached with serenity and respect.


A journey with bereaved families

After launching Separate Ways, a company specialising in the organisation of funerals, on her own in 2016, Géraldine Juge, a Geneva graduate of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, writes the rest of a professional career that she dedicates to people experiencing bereavement. To meet the needs of a clientele wishing to benefit from an ever more complete funeral service, she extended her activity to the care of the deceased. Géraldine Juge therefore opened Other Ways, a funeral company based in Carouge. A new path that few people choose to embark on to innovate in French-speaking Switzerland. The entrepreneur is now accompanied by a professional with excellent knowledge of the funeral profession, Dylon Villano, who co-directs Other Ways. In addition to traditional funeral services, the business encompasses the modern and personalised event services carried out today by Separate Ways. The latter continues to be active in funeral planning and administrative management. 

Our Ethical Charter


We advise families in their sole interest and exclusively according to their needs and expectations, without any constraint or pressure, in a transparent and detailed manner.


The missions are carried out in a diligent, rigorous and conscientious manner while respecting the required deadlines. The company applies local, national and international provisions, ordinances and regulations.


We are committed to listening and showing understanding, empathy and kindness. Tact and discretion are fundamental values and we refrain from any interference in family matters.


People, faiths, customs and choices are respected and treated with understanding. We are committed to providing personalised and quality services, assistance and support with the dignity and respect that such a mission requires.


We are committed to implementing all the necessary measures to earn the trust of our clients and partners. We support families with integrity and consideration in order to preserve honest and authentic relationships.


Professional secrecy relating to information in the private sphere is essential for us. We respect confidentiality and never disclose information about our clients.


Our sustainable commitments

If cremation is ecologically questioned by the emissions it induces, burial has an impact on the quality of soil and groundwater. With the desire to constantly develop in a sustainable way, it is quite logical that Other Ways makes it a point of honour to mitigate the environmental footprint of its services.

  • Possible ecological funeral products (coffins, urns, etc.)
  • Choice of local providers favoured
  • Involvement in the implementation of Humusation in Switzerland
  • Automatic CO2 offsetting through an organisation
  • Electric vehicle (2023)


Network of service providers

Other Ways benefits from a network of various service providers in Geneva for secular and religious ceremonies. We bring our expertise and the guarantee to offer you quality services at short notice.