What to do in case of the loss of a loved one?


Announcement of the death


Meeting with funeral directors


Intervention of funeral directors






1. Announcement of the death

Death at home (natural death)

You must contact your family doctor or the doctor on duty with the usual emergency services so that the death certificate can be established.

Death in care facility

A doctor from the establishment will certify the death.

Unnatural ou suspicious death

You must call the police as soon as possible (117) for the death certificate.

Once the death certificate has been issued, you can contact the funeral director of your choice.

We are available on +41 (0) 22 347 25 32 to arrange an appointment to guide and accompany you in the place of your choice: at the deceased person’s or family home, in our premises or in another chosen location.


You will need to bring

  • An identity document of the deceased person
  • The family booklet or certificate
  • The clothes and jewellery the deceased will wear in the coffin – we can provide a funeral gown if you wish

2. Meeting with funeral directors


It is a moment of exchange in order to guide you as well as possible in your choices, respecting your needs and the wishes of the deceased in this first important stage of mourning.

You will need to bring the documents and personal effects indicated above.

We will cover the following topics

  • Declaration of death to the Civil Registry and order of the death certificate
  • Choice of burial and contact with the authorities – cremation or burial as well as the resting place of the ashes or the body
  • Choice of coffin and urn if cremation – possible ecological options
  • Place of funeral parlour for rest and/or wake before the ceremony – municipal burial chamber, parish crypt or at home
  • Ceremony if desired – place, date and partial or complete organisation depending on the chosen accompaniment option

3. Intervention of funeral directors


We will proceed with the removal of the body as well as the transfer before preparing your loved one. This involves washing, dressing, hairstyle and make-up of the deceased, if desired, as well as the installation in the coffin. It is also possible to resort to conservation and reconstruction care if necessary.   

    4. Ceremony


    If desired, Other Ways is at your disposal to prepare a final farewell in the form of a musical meditation or a religious or secular ceremony, in sobriety or in the image of your loved one and according to the wishes of the family and the deceased.

    We have a comprehensive list of funeral arrangements available with over forty steps to cover.

    You can consult our prices here or ask us for a quote.


      5. Burial


      If the deceased person did not make known their wishes during their lifetime to be buried or cremated, it will be up to the family to make this decision. You will find on this link the different burial methods as well as the resting place of the ashes or the body. Funeral directors relieve the families of all the steps to be taken with the municipalities concerned.