Funeral planning

Have peace of mind knowing that everything has been planned

What is funeral planning?

It is a question of ensuring that your last wishes regarding your funeral arrangement will be respected thanks to a contract with Separate Ways, sister company of Other Ways, and paying the amount of the chosen services. This includes not only funeral services but also the administrative management of Separate Ways if desired, as well as any external services.

We are at your disposal to prepare a final farewell in your image and also offer an end-of-life file with all the necessary documents, so that the administrative procedures can be experienced by your loved ones in total peace of mind:

  • Announcements of death to the various organisations
  • Procedures related to transport and home
  • Termination of insurance contracts, various subscriptions and digital services
  • Banking business management
  • Preparation of the tax declaration file
  • Liquidation of the estate

Why suscribe to a funeral plan?

It is often when we have to take care of the organisation of the funeral of a loved one that we become aware of the complexity of this task.  By delegating a large part to a trusted company, you ensure that your family is freed from these difficult procedures.

Through an advance payment in instalments, you also relieve your loved ones of the financial burden. The amount is placed in a reserve account to guarantee the execution of the contract. Funeral services can be guaranteed without price modification.

You will also relieve your family of difficult decisions and possible sources of tension. You will have the guarantee of the respect of your last wishes which can be modified at any time.

Who can take out a funeral arrangement?

Funeral planning is becoming more and more common. This confirms the interest that everyone has in taking care of their own funeral. Planning your funeral can be carried out at any time in your life and allows you to anticipate while removing some stress. We are available to meet you in order to discuss various possibilities and establish an estimate according to your budget without any commitment on your part. Upon payment, your funeral insurance contract is guaranteed.

You can view our packages here or ask us for a quote.

Choose the guarantee that this last stage of existence will be settled with dignity for those around you or in the event of your family being far away.